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Since first opening in 1982, we at Valuemax Garage Door Repair have always made the needs of our clients our number one priority. We've gained many loyal clients in Walnut Creek because we've proven that when they call us, we'll get the job done right, no mistakes, and no excuses. We also know that a garage door malfunction can occur at any time, so we proudly offer emergency garage door repairs twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

We've certainly branched out since our company first opened in Folsom, CA, but we at Valuemax have worked hard to build and maintain a solid reputation with the residents and businesses of Northern California. However, we're sure to never forget what (or who) has allowed us to stay in this business; that is of course, our employees. It is truly thanks to them that our clients continue to be happy with the professional garage door products and services they receive from us. Due to this, we've always worked to maintain a positive relationship with our many Valuemax employees and will continue to do so for years to come.

The technicians we have at Valuemax Garage Door Repair Walnut Creek are all certified and have had to pass a rigorous exam before being considered as such. We want to be sure that the technicians we're sending out to provide professional garage door repair services to our customers are able to do their job efficiently and correctly. We don't look only at the garage door repair skills of potential employees when hiring however. Personal character is also very important in our business, as honesty and a good work ethic are also very important for them to have. You see, someone can be instructed how to perform garage door repairs, but good character isn't something that can simply be taught.

Our clients in Walnut Creek also know that they can always call us, 24/7, for any of their garage door needs, whether it be garage door repair services, garage door accessories, or new garage doors. We can be reached locally at (925) 705-4837 or toll-free at (866) 575-9050. If you would like to know how other customers have felt about the garage door services we've provided for them in the past, please feel free to browse our testimonials page as well. So remember, you can rest easy when you call Valuemax Garage Door Repair for any of your garage door repair, installation, replacement, and/or product needs today.

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About Valuemax Garage Door Repair Walnut Creek

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