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Garage Door Repair Safety Tips Walnut Creek

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Read our Garage Doors Safety tips when servicing your own garage door!

Many homeowners don't really consider their garage door to be a very dangerous thing. Unfortunately however, it really can be; especially since they tend to weigh hundreds of pounds and require springs filled with a lot of tension to be moved. This makes your garage door potentially dangerous not only to children but also adults. So to help keep you and your family a little safer, we at Valuemax Walnut Creek Garage Door Repair have created a list of safety tips for you to look through:

  • Please don't ever attempt to work with your garage door springs or cables yourself. The cables and springs on your garage door are under a very high amount of tension and can case terribly serious injuries if handled incorrectly. If you do notice that your cables or springs are broken or slack, please call us at Valumax Walnut Creek Garage Door Repair today for professional and timely spring replacement services.

  • The garage door inspection sheet that we have created for our Walnut Creek clients should help you make monthly check-ups of your garage door. Also remember to perform basic monthly maintenance and apply lubricant to the rollers and hinges of your garage door.

  • Children should not be allowed to play with the garage door, garage door opener, or wall switch. Though it may not appear dangerous at first glance, the springs in your garage door hold a lot of tension and the garage door itself is generally very heavy. If something went wrong they could cause serious injuries, so please explain to your children that the garage is not somewhere that they should be playing.

  • Please make certain to not try to loosen or remove the bolts in the bottom brackets of your garage door. The spring system is always under incredible amounts of tension and are directly connected to these brackets. If something does appear to be amiss with your screws and/or brackets, please be sure to call Valuemax Garage Door Repair before risking personal injury.

If your garage door appears to require more than basic routine maintenance, please be sure to call Valuemax Garage Door Repair Walnut Creek today so we can send our professionally trained technicians to do the necessary garage door repairs. You can reach us locally at (925) 705-4837 or toll-free at (866) 575-9050.

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